Stolen Tow Truck?

Chuck Yager
August 16, 2017

Sometimes Things Get Exciting Around the Race Track

You cannot claim to be a towing company if you don’t have access to a tow truck or two. The trucks may be yours or they may be leased from other companies in Jacksonville or beyond. The number of tow trucks at your disposal is one of the greatest determinants of the success of your towing company. The trucks come in different types and choosing the most suitable one for your towing business is a very demanding activity. They have different features, each intended to reduce the difficulty in towing.

I was quite young then and I was just starting out in life. I considered venturing into the towing business as a friend of mine had suggested. To be honest, I didn’t have the slightest of ideas on how to go about this business. I, therefore, dedicated my time and resources to heavy research to raise my awareness on the pros and cons of the towing industry. After spending a few weeks evaluating the idea and accumulating the required resources, I decided to test these waters. The problem is that I used both feet.

After setting up a garage, my next project was acquiring a tow truck. I spent a lot of time here as I had very limited resources. I had to make sure that the vehicle I bought met all the requirements of an ideal tow truck. I will never regret the decision I made in the end. The truck was everything a towing company in Jacksonville could dream of. It had mouth-watering features and I knew that nothing could stand in my way to success with such a resource in my possession.

The vehicle had an integrated boom and wheel lift as a feature. The engine was tow-capable and very efficient for economic fuel usage. The truck had also been installed with a downhill braking system to minimize the risk of losing the ability to brake. As if that was not enough, its coolant systems were heavy-duty. This beast could not have its engine or transmission damaged by high temperatures.

After overseeing the transfer of the vehicle to my garage premises, I left in high spirits eager to begin work on the following day. I had already secured a contract with a company in Jacksonville to help in repossessing vehicles that had defaulted in payments. The next day, I was up and running very early in the morning. I had exhausted my personal savings as well as my family’s treasury and therefore our survival depended on this business.

When I got to the garage, I had to punch my face severally to confirm that I was not actually in a dream. The tow truck I had acquired the previous day in Jacksonville had been stolen! How could this have happened? I was really shocked at how the human race has become merciless. Couldn’t they have waited until we established ourselves a little? All the efforts of searching for the vehicle proved futile and I had to accept the fact that it had gone. You have just discovered how I lost interest in the towing business. I knew all the theories about not giving up but this was a big blow and I could not think of any other option. We had a spindle break and Ross CNC ball screw repair made us a new one fast. Thanks Ross.

You Have to Use a Flatbed Tow Truck for Sports Cars Like Mine

Chuck Yager
September 5, 2017

I think the fascination that men have with vehicles is universal. If not, then the men in Jacksonville must have all been cut from the same cloth. This topic is the most discussed day in day out in this area. In fact, it is said that the only a conversation you will find common ground with a someone from Jacksonville is about cars, especially sports cars. These guys are usually pretty interesting to talk to and not as strong opinionated as most of these men move around in very fancy sports cars. The best way to tow a sports car is flatbed towing. The number of sports cars that ever brake down and use flatbed tow trucks is rising by the day.

I don’t know whether it was really out of passion or influence that I decided to acquire one of these awesome cars. I think it was the latter. If you think peer pressure only affects teenagers, you need keep on eye on the old men and women. Although the pressure here is a bit different in that it mostly revolves around fancy lifestyles and money and influence.  Anyway, this is a topic for another day. All I really wanted was to prove to my friends that I was not some crazy old codger but a cool old man.

The sports car I settled on had to be imported. I know the price for a car like this is not for the faint at heart. Please believe me when I tell you this machine was a top notch sports car. Tree service. You can never doubt the taste of a man from Jacksonville Florida when it comes to cars. Of course, I also sought advice from several friends. I did a heavy research concerning what I should consider before buying a sports car and with all this information at hand, I believed I was set to go out and grab me one.

Most sports cars of that make are usually very low. Some may consider it a disadvantage but that is another feature that attracted me to this particular model. Although all sports cars have to be a bit lower than other cars to enhance gravity, there are some which are super low and lower than the others and mine was among these ones. The best way to avoid wear and tear when transporting a sports car from the first coast is to use a flatbed and this is an undisputed fact. Again I was not available to go and pick it up myself and I could not entertain the idea of someone sitting behind that wheel before I did.

From that day, I earned I name for myself in Jacksonville and all its environs. The fact that my car is super low even makes it look more attractive. The only disadvantage with this feature is that the vehicle will incur some serious damage if it is used on bumpy roads. Nevertheless, the experience behind this wheel is one of a kind and I would recommend it to anyone who is hot on the trail of the pursuit of happiness in life.

Around our shop we always are mindful of the environment so we have a special bin that we put anything like hoses and things like that so that they don’t go to a landfill and then we have a junk removal company come and pick them up.